I. Prologue: Dumezil and the Trinitarian Society

In my previous article in the Neofeudalism series I covered the basic framework of my idea set: that society can be characterized by a process of social evolution by which different mimetic systems evolved to satisfy human beings needs for meaning, order, and provision. This idea was first put forward cogently by Georges Dumezil, an underrated 20th century philologist and structural anthropologist known for mentoring Michel Focault and being a peer of Claude Levi-Straus. Dumezil analyzed the trend in Indo-European mimetic systems towards a trinity of institutions, headed by gods who embodied Sovereignty, Warfare, and Fertility (Zeus/Ares/Aphrodite, Odin/Thor/Frikka, et cetera)…

The Revolution Will be Monetized

As a someone who enjoys the topic of grand strategy, I’ve been slowly putting a book together — a cookbook for counterrevolutionaries, so to speak, for people who think our present approach to politics and life together is in danger of breaking and want to adopt a new and cohesive worldview.

This book is one part philosophy, one part anthropology, and one part strategy. At its heart is the observation that historical trends support a certain kind of fluid, hierarchical order where people have their material, political, and spiritual needs met, and that this order pre-dates all systems of order…

Rembrandt; Syndics of the Draper’s Guild, 1662

What is Woke Capital?

Woke Capital is the participation in and enforcement of non-capitalist memes by capitalist companies. It is inexplicable in simple rational choice terms, as there is no explicit rationale for a company focused on generating a profit to engage in memes so far afield of their core interest. It’s rational on our part to ask an anthropological question, no different than a grad student would upon stumbling on the strange practices of some exotic tribe practicing initiation rites that would seem to negatively affect the tribe’s survival.

Memes and Teams

I’ve written previously about Dumezil’s trifunctional hypothesis, the observation that most societies seem to…

In 2020 the West has rediscovered political and economic chaos after at least 30 years of illusory peace, and many of the concepts not previously in question are now active targets of vitriol and civic revolt. While Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party in 2010 were the first crack in the post-Cold War civic order, Trump’s election, Brexit, and the subsequent breakdown of institutional credibility following 2016 have left us in a dark wood with little to connect us as a country politically. …

How We Beat ANTIFA the Last Time


The following is a condensed version of an academic paper I wrote in 2012, regarding comparative strategies to combat leftist terrorism in the U.S. and Germany. This paper was published in the Association of Foreign Intelligence Officer’s “Intelligencer” quarterly journal in the spring of 2013.

The article compares strategies for dealing with subversive elements analogous to ANTIFA (Antifashiste Aktion), a Maoist terrorist group active in the United States and elsewhere. …

Andrew D. Knapp

American counterterrorism professional, entrepreneur, author; not necessarily in that order. Write mostly philosophy, politics, & economics. @adavidknapp

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